About The Chef


Chef Dan Brooks was born and raised on the east side of Detroit, MI. At the age of 12, he became interested in food. Dan's foundation started with his family; cooking with his mother and grandmother on holidays and Sundays. When he stdan-brooks3arted college, cooking was just a hobby, so he chose to study accounting at Wayne State University. After two years, Dan realized he did NOT want to sit behind a desk every day. Luckily, he realized cooking was the one thing he never got tired of doing. Dan left Wayne State University and enrolled in the Culinary Institute of Michigan, where he spent three years attaining his culinary degree and several certifications under some of the greatest instructors and teachers in the United States. Upon graduation, Dan became a line cook at Butch’s Dry Dock (Holland, MI) where his passion for fine dining was cultivated! Six months later, he was offered the amazing opportunity to open a kitchen for a new restaurant in Chicago, IL.

Dan worked in Chicago for three years as the sous/pasty chef at Fairways. He then served as executive chef for Tello Italian Wine Bar & Bistro in South Haven, MI.

Dan began his career as head chef at Timbers Bar & Grill in late November. His unique talents for blending fine dining with home cooking makes for a unique Gastro Pub menu. Timbers Ludington welcomes Chef Dan to the team!